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Steryl Brush Tabs

Nitradine Steryl Brush Tabs

For A Hygienic Toothbrush

Kills Harmful Bacteria Eliminates Harmful Fungi

Prevents Bad Breath Prevents Tooth Decay

Avoid Self Re-infection

Do you know what's on your toothbrush?

Research has shown that harmful bacteria and fungi infect a toothbrush after use and remain alive, multiplying between the toothbrush bristles. If you have a sore troat for example, you can re-infect yourself by using the same contaminated toothbrush and also cross infect your family by having your toothbrush in proximity of their toothbrush(es). Steryl Brush Tabs effervescent tablets will disinfect and clean your toothbrush and create an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal environment for your next brushing. Use Steryl Brush Tabs for a safe and hygienic toothbrush.

Steryl Brush Tabs (Advantages).

Prevents Bad Breath & tooth Decay, Stops Harmful Bacteria Growth, Ends Harmful Fungi Growth, Avoid Self Re-infection, Avoid Family Cross-infection, Removes Toothpaste & Food Residues, 2 Applications per Tablet, Keeps Bristles Feeling New Soft & Clean, Will Not Damage Toothbrushes, Removes Toothbrush Odors, Non-Toxic on Gums, Assists in the Overall Dental Hygiene.


Use 1/2 Tablet for 1 to 2 toothbrushes.

Important, Soak your toothbrush(s) within the next 10 minutes in the Steryl Brush Tabs solution.

Steryl Brush
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