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Denture Products At The Denture Clinic

Out of hours service

We have denture products available for you to buy at our walk in clinic on Victoria Road, these include:

Cleansing tablets
Cleaning paste
Cleaning brushes
Denture boxes

*Dente patients will be required to attend an appointment with our dentist or produce a prescription from their own dentist.

Featured Products

New Dentures, Dentures Relined, Cosmetic Dentures

Broken Denture Repairs, Dentures Copied

Quote from J.W.

We are able to copy your old dentures, we do this because people often like the look they have had for a long time, if not then we can alter this accordingly until you are satisfied with your new look Dentures. We offer soft cushion relines on problem lower dentures and along the way we will offer advice and recommendations which will make your new Dentures look and feel amazing…

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Postage £1.99
Total £1.99